Oct 21

Rock Hudson

Okay first off… did anyone else realize that Rock Hudsons characer Mitch looks just like actor Jason Segel??… or should i sayy Jason Segel resembles Rock… either way, they really look alike, I couldnt believe it.



I have mixed feelings about this movie, but in particular I LOVED IT!.  In the begining It was so boring and honestly didn’t make any sense.  I didn’t understand why they went to Miami and then 5 minutes later Kyle and Lucy were married?  I honestly thought Lucy and Mitch were going to have something rather than Lucy falling for Kyle.  I thought the movie was going to have no plot and turn meoff just like the Japanese film Early Summer did to me.  (which by the way i fell asleep while viewing it on my laptop).

All of a sudden there was a bit of excitment in the movie when Marylee was introduced and ever since the Hadley’s had the party.  I was really intrigued by all the colors of the costumes and set design, and of course the music :D.  At the party Kyle finds out he cant inpregnate his new wife, right here is where Kirk really Camps the film with soap opera drama.  Kyle goes off the deep end and starts to drink again.  I really thought this was hysterical because i feel like if this was a real life situation the husband and wife would talk about it with one another but instead it was more of kyle ruining himself having the “poor me poor me” mentality.

Now Marylee makes the situation worse because she’s in love with Mitch and she does everything in her power to woo him.  Once she sees Mitch taking Lucy for a ride in the car, she poisons Kyle by telling him that the two are having an affair.  Oh did i mention that the big Mr. Hadley unexpectadly died and Kyle is already upset from that.  So not only can he not have kids, his father died, and now he’s finding out from his evil sister that his wife is having an affair with his best friend.  Well when they get back Lucy finds out that she’s pregnant and tried to tell Kyle the great news.  He right away became upset thinking that it was someone elses baby not his so he hits Lucy and hurt her.  This part right here was so over done becuase it was just a hit.  I mean yea im sure it hurt but she was so overreacting, her husband was drunk im sure he didnt hit her that hard.  Anyways Mitch comes running up stairs to save Lucy and fight Kyle, he threatens to kill him if he ever comes back.  The next scene is when Kyle buys another bottle of alcohol to get completely trashed.  I loved how Kirk used flashback in the opening scnene but only showed very minimal of what actually happens.  At this part the scene re occurs but shows complete details of the shooting.  I think my favorite part of this film is when Kyle finds the gun and Mitch is trying to reason with him.  Mitch seems like he isnt afraid of anything, Kyle could of killed him right there on the spot but i guess Mitch is brave enough to encounter a drunken mess with a gun and talk to him…best friend or not, i wouldnt.  Marylee comes into the situation becuase shes obviously there to make the situation worse and because shes always up Mitch’s ass.  So my favorite part is when the camera goes back and forth Kyle and Mitch talking.   But when the camera went to Kyle it wasnt just him it was all the Hadley’s.  Him, Marylee and even the huge portrait of his father hangning on the wall in the background.  Even though he died, It almost looked like he was actually there in person.  It was the Hadleys vs. Mitch 3-0..So  unfair.  Here Douglas portrayed the idea of being an outsider.  Mitch was the the one being left out, defending himself, solo.   I thought this part so soooooooooooooooo significant i really couldnt believe how perfect the filming worked out.  It was such a great illusion it really blew my mind away, and right here is where i absolutely fell in love with this movie.

So back to the fact that Kyle and Lucy got married.  I had no clue they were even together or that he proposed to her untill later on in the movie.  I feel like director meant to do this because the same thing happened with the death of mr. Hadley.  He fell down the stairs, but it wasnt exactly established that he died untill there was a wreath on the gate with a black ribbon and then stated later on in the film.   He could just got really hurt.  There was no funneral or wake or casket or anything that really symbolizes death to make the audience understand.  For two huge events that occur in the movie, why did Sirk make it very deceiving?  without these events there would be not plot to the movie.  Everything would be veryyy different!  I guess we had to just figure everything out for ourselves and really think.  And i think that was Sirk’s point, he wanted us to really dig deep and pay attention to the moive rather then him just giving everything away.

Okay im done blabbing, So yes i really enjoyed this movie and thought it was great!!!!

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