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This may have been on of the worsts movies I have ever seen.  Besides from Early Summer ( in which I fell asleep for because of the Japanese music and text that put me to sleep during my own screening on my laptop).  Anyways…. What kind of movie is Invaders of the Body Snatchers?   I honestly did not understand the whole beginning and why there was a dead man laying on someones dinning room table, it just didn’t make any sense to me.  All of a sudden these seedpod thingy’s were shown and things started to fall in to place with the plot.  Although, I thought the idea of viewing a sci-fi / scary movie was  good to get us in the Halloween spirit.

I cant say I hated it because there was one part/ idea of the movie that I liked.  I thought the part when the main characters are spying out the window on the people of the town was very significant.  I thought it was pretty awesome that hundreds of people came out of nowhere to gather and listen to the directions of distributing the rest of the pods to family members and friends in other cities.  Having the trucks come in with huge loads of theses things and people grabbing them, and disbursing about five mins later was very cool, but it hardly seemed like anything happened.  I think the reason why I like this part because it greatly reminded me of the film “The Truman Show”.  Especially the part when Truman tried to leave the town to be “Spontaneous” and the road was clear.  All of a sudden he took  a turn, and there was a copious amount of cars, hours of potential traffic.  The cars and people in them came out of nowhere just like the towns people in ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.  Another scene in “The Truman Show” that was relate-able to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” was when Truman was trying to escape.  This  movie has characters acting to be the same and all their surroundings are fake and perceived as perfect. The supporting characters in both movies try to do everything in their might to keep the main characters stuck in their town.  When Matthew Donnell tries to escape to tell other people about the sea pods the towns people are programmed to chase him and stop him from telling the unknown about the truth.  A very similar situation occurs in “The Truman Show”.  When Truman is getting a hint about this make believe world that he lives in and that every minute of his life has been broadcasted on television, he tries to escape and get over his fear of getting over the bridge that leaves the town.  On the other side the “GOD” like producer plans a forest fire and nuclear leak at the plant to stop Truman from going anything further and from never escaping this world. ( Spontaneous) ( Driving over the bridge) ( Main Siren) ( Town scene1:00-1:20)

I noticed this connection between the movies right away.  If there was no connection like this , which made me think and ponder several ideas in my head, I probably would of fell asleep because I disliked the movie that much.

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  1. 1 jemal
    6:28 pm - 12-6-2011

    Great connection with this horrible movie to the Truman Show
    I could see how they relate clearer now.
    Besides the obvious fact that Truman Show was amazing and this movie wasnt, it still had very interesting shots, like you said. I think that scene when people leave and then they come back is one of the most creepy scenes ever, I feel like most horror and thriller stories today are focusing more on gore and past successes when they should be looking at this movie. This film to me, should be the blueprint of every horror movie, with that scene of everyone running away.

  2. 2 jrocco93
    10:50 pm - 12-8-2011

    Haha, yes completely agreed. This movie was horrible, but that scene was done to perfection. Horror movies now should definitely be looking at this scene. Your so right about the fact that movies today only focus on the gore and bloody gross aspects but not the eerie things that can truly freak someone out. Something simple like this can really creep someone. Well, look at Psycho, for me just seeing the Ms. Bates at the end of movie run downstairs but then her wigs falls off revealing that it was Norman Bates totally creep-ed the shit out of me. I had no clue and did not expect that to happen. Film makers today should really refer back at the older movies. Those directors then clearly knew what they were doing if were still watching them today, and that we can revolve a whole class around all the amazing aspects each movie has to offer.

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